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I know we haven’t been updating this page as often as we should but I love to add new pics with each update and after awhile all the photos start to look the same as cats are creatures of habit. Velma has been a part of our happy home now for three months and has turned out to be quite a little hand-full. She is mommy’s special helper and is on hand for EVERY house hold task including cooking, making the bed, cleaning and especially dishes. I have NEVER seen a cat that loves the water as much as Velma…if you have ever had that “PSYCHO” someones watching me in the shower feeling that’s Velma who will go as far as to jump right in with you or take a dive into mommy’s bath. Velma’s love for water is only rivaled by her love for people food and her most recent discovery is pumpkin pie as we took our eyes off her for all of ten mins. and she had devoured about a quarter of one cooling on the counter top. Two things about having a kitten in the house that have had a very positive effect on Roxie is that she has slimmed down by about 2 lbs. from all the running and climbing she and her new best friend Velma do together but we are finding her a little more social with new people as she watches Velma walk right up to strangers looking for some attention. Roxie may never fully trust people but she is who she is and is making more of an effort and we love her regardless. Speaking of love, the cats have a real love for Cupid and think she is just one of the girls as she is about the same size as the cats, has four legs and bushier fur. They still can’t get her to play the “kitty games” but have no problem sharing their food and water dishes with her…treats are another story. Cupid had a nice Halloween and sat out all night with us waiting to hand out candy to the kids that came by…she even went as far as to put on a skeleton costume of her own and be part of our little display. Well, I should wrap this up as we are having a post Halloween party for our family’s today and have a ton of things to do but I will post some pics and try to get the next update out a little sooner next time. On behalf of the Kitty Lovers, thanks for stopping by and catching up. [rockyou id=89590967]


My girlfriend and I started this page so that we can communicate and share pictures of our pets with the other pet lovers out there. As our site grows you will get to meet our three “babies”. There is our dog “Cupid” & our two cats, “Roxie Heart” and “Velma Kelly”(these names will ring a bell with any fans of the musical “CHICAGO”). Cupid is a 7 year old Pomeranian. Not the bravest dog on the block but probably the most lovable. Roxie is the ruler of the household. Our home is her jungle. She is just out of kitten-hood herself at just over a year old and a new big sister and role model for our newest edition to the family, Velma. Velma is not quite three months yet but is pretty advanced for her age. We credit that to the foster family who nurtured her for a month before we adopted her and brought her to her new home. She was well taken care of and loved and we hope the foster family will check our page from time to time and enjoy watching her grow up. Velma is quite the explorer and will tackle any challenge put in front of her when not being tackled herself by Roxie who seems to love having a sibling to play the “KITTY GAMES” with. Our only worry now is to check the fridge before closing the door as Velma loves to climb in there every time we open it. She now wears a bell so we can keep track of her…you can never be too careful.  [rockyou id=79110238]